Hello, February

4 Feb

I have no idea where January went, but I have high hopes for February. I have a lot of tasks near completion and a few I am excited to get started on.

2. Set up a retirement fund. The paperwork is in. I am assuming it is only a matter of days until it is fully processed and then this will be marked complete!
23. Finish decorating my apartment. As I mentioned,  I am one room away from this goal and am really pleased with my progress so far. I plan on blogging more about this in the coming weeks.
44. Set up an organization system in my craft area/office. This goes hand in hand with number 23. If I can get that room clean and organized, the decorating will come, and WaLa! two tasks complete.
47. No complaining for a week, six times. I think a lot of people are suffering from the winter blues a bit and there’s been a lot of complaining going on.  I have found myself chiming in on more than one occasion. And so, I plan on working to combat this. I really think you have  a lot of control of your mood and the mood that others have toward you. So here goes!
58. Try a new workout (x3) – this can include a new class, new video, or a working out with a friend who does something different. I am ready to do number one of three for this task. First up, Zumba. I am a horrible dancer, but I have yet to hear anyone who was disappointed in this class. Anyone tried this?
84. Take the GRE. I am signed up and ready to mark this complete. February 12, here I come! In fact, I should probably be studying…
86. Write a future letter to myself every January for the duration of the list. Oh junk. I let January pass me by without completing this. Better late than never? I’m going with that. So this month I will sit down and write this letter.

You can view the whole list here. What goal are you most excited about for February?


One Response to “Hello, February”

  1. Katie W February 4, 2011 at 1:10 am #

    I’m not sure what I’ll get done in such a short month! I’m kind of hoping I can make an accessory this month!

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