Looking Back: I want to be present

28 Nov

We entering week three of the challenge, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Just a few days ago was Thanksgiving and my goal to “be present” was put to the test.

Now that I’m part of a pair, me and man had a bit of running around to do. We are very lucky that our families are close by, but the flip side of that means that we are expected to stop by and see everyone. Making a conscious effort to be present at each location, to soak up the thankfulness and feel the love, was just awesome.

Finding ways to say grounded and be in the moment is not always easy. I have found myself very often distracted by all the electronics in my life and multi-tasking to the max. So, I’ve made it a practice lately to step back when I find myself getting pulled in to checking my phone a million times a minute, switching over to the Internet while doing another task, or switching on the television when other things are going on. I am really getting better at pulling back and paying attention. Focusing on the moment and really enjoying the seconds, minutes, and hours as they come.

This is definitely a goal that I am going to keep working toward and hope that I can find some ways to make being a present a constant activity rather than something I have to make a conscious effort to do.


One Response to “Looking Back: I want to be present”

  1. Katie W November 30, 2012 at 5:17 pm #

    Love this. Sometimes, putting down the phone and turning off the comp make all the difference!

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