Looking back: I want to breathe easy and feel loved

28 Dec

So, I sort of abandoned the challenge for a bit, but I am back and ready to finish it out.

I want to breathe easy. This is definitely one of the “wants” that I still work toward daily and find myself struggling with but also finding some small successes. I still have a some crazed days but I have also found the joyousness in the little moments. I have worked on finding some ways to deal with the craziness and stress and I think it has really  helped me. I definitely will continue to strive for this.

Lastly, I wanted to feel loved. Well, there was some big news on this front, I got engaged! But, this “want” is much more than just checking a box. Got a man, check. Nope, sorry, not that easy. I wanted to feel loved in a bigger, more consistent way. And boy have I made some big strides here. The man totally makes me feel loved, and helps keep me grounded when I start to spin out. He reminds me how loved I am, not only by him, but by my family and friends. I’ve also learned that loving might help me feel loved even more.


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