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41. Set up a hair stylist consultation to get ideas for hairstyles that work. – COMPLETE!

29 Oct

I am no good at hair. A messy, twisted knot is the typical day-time do for me. Not exactly professional.

So, lately I’ve really been trying to make an effort. It started several months ago with a trip to PR at Partners in Old Town. I went in and showed the stylist what a hot mess I was. He not only gave me a great cut but also went through step by step and gave me some tips on how I can have better hair at home.

Fast forward to last week. I had slipped back into my knot routine. I was also due for a trim, so I went and visited my buddy again. Not only he is just sweet is as can be, but he talked me through again, not just trying to sell me product, but gave me some ideas, and told me some things I probably should be avoiding.

Combine this with some awesome tutorials over at the Small Things Blog, and I should be set. I just need to start working on that morning routine to make sure I have enough time to do all these amazing things with my hair. But that, my dears, is another 101 post.


63. Have a meal prep day with the girls. – COMPLETE!

27 Oct

Slight disclaimer: this post is incredibly overdue…

I love my girls. It’s amazing how three very different people can all come together somehow and it just, works. Kristen and Katie W are definitely my girls and we have some good times together. One of those times was several months ago, during a planned get together at my place. This was not just for the 101 but also a good excuse to get together and catch up.

And, I will say this is definitely something I want to do more often on my own and with friends. A Meal Prep Day. It was not difficult, it was fun, and it was so practical. We did a little bit of prep, deciding what kinds of full dishes we wanted to make, and what other things we wanted to put together. We also decided who would bring what. Ultimately, none of us ended up spending a ton of money, but we came away with tons of food and ideas.

Some of what we did was full meals, which we split into bags for freezing. We also prepped a spice mixture that we could all split, so none of us had a ton of this new spice, and we were able to split the cost (thanks to Kristen who found this, guided us, and provided most of the ingredients!).

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of this awesome event, but I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is having some trouble with meal planning and prepping during the week. Things are always better together!

40. Take a career-oriented course that will apply toward either a certificate or degree. – COMPLETE!

15 Apr

I am proud to announce that I have survived my first semester of grad school with flying colors and am now half way through semester two. It has certainly not been an easy ride, but I’m learning a lot and have made some great new friends.

As I continue to move through grad school I definitely hope to get better at this thing called time management.

Monthly Missions – March

2 Mar

Well, hey there, March. Not sure where February went, but it is definitely time to get serious about the 101 and what better way than with some monthly missions?

10. Make my bed every day for three months. I have to start somewhere right? I’ve been doing a nice little toss over, most  mornings. You know what I mean, right? You don’t actually make the bed, but you kind of throw the comforter over top so it covers all the sheets and pillows. Maybe that’s just me… Anywho, I’m giving this one a go this month.

11. Complete three sewing projects. The fabric has been purchased, now I just need to sit down at the machine and knock out project one of three!

74. Update my happy box. So, it’s been a bit of a rough couple weeks, I’m not gonna lie. Which makes it the perfect time to update the happy box. In addition to updating the contents I think it needs to become a bit more prominent, instead of stashed away on a bottom shelf. Who doesn’t need a little more happy in their life?

So what about you? Any goals for March? I’d love to cheer you on!

7. Keep a Blog Documentation of the 101 List. – COMPLETE!

19 Jan

This is my second 101 list and my second attempt in using a blog to document my progress. I wasn’t sure when I would mark this goal complete, but after a year of blogging, a new layout, and several tasks complete I figured now was as good a time as any.

I really enjoy blogging and am hoping to develop this blog further in the next year. Thankfully, there are lots of people out in the blogosphere that I can look to for inspiration. Not to mention, I have great inspiration in Katie W and Kristen who are also tracking their 101 progress through their own blogs.

58. Try a new workout (x3). – COMPLETE!

15 Jan

One of the biggest complaints and obstacles people have when it comes to working out is that things just get old and boring. So, one of my goals for this 101 was to try a few new things. You may remember that I took a swing at Zumba and KempoX. Zumba wasn’t quite my thing, but I loved KempoX as a new twist on kickboxing, which I already knew I enjoyed.

To finish up this goal I enlisted the motivation of a new friend. It’s always nice to make new friends (thank you, grad school!) and having a friend to workout with is a positive for many reasons. When Sarah suggested I try out BodyAttack and BodyCombat with her, I said absolutely. As predicted, I loved the kickboxing-inspired BodyCombat at bit more than BodyAttack. But, another one of our grad school friends happens to teach BodyAttack at our local gym so I’ll definitely be trying it again!

Here’s to trying even more things in the new year!

100. Go wine tasting. – COMPLETE!

5 Jan

A couple months ago, my friend from high school got married. Kara is one of those people that I can’t for the life of me remember how we became friends, but I am so incredibly glad that we did, and that we’ve stayed friends now that we’re “grown ups.” So, I was super excited when I was invited to her bachelorette party, and even more excited when I heard the agenda: from her house, catch the limo that would take us to three wineries down the Shenandoah Valley, with a picnic lunch at the last location.

We had a blast. Our limo driver, who we lovingly referred to as “Crazy Ole Maurice” (anyone get the Disney reference? Anyone?), chauffeured us to each venue in high style. We tasted some amazing wines and took in the beautiful scenery. I honestly, can’t remember the last time I had so much fun.


This is the second time I’ve got to a winery (both for bachelorette parties) and I’ve firmly decided this something I would enjoy doing more often. Maybe, eventually, I’ll even start appreciating the reds.