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Now That Was a Challenge

6 Feb

January has come to an end and with it we close out the blogging challenge. And, man, was it a challenge. I’ve enjoyed the challenges posed by Kristen and Katie W. This one was just what I needed. It was a new year, and there I was without a single new years resolution. And not for lack of need. Goodness knows, I could use a resolution or five.

I would say the blogging challenge was a success. I posted at least three times almost every week. But, more importantly it got me thinking. Thinking about my 101 list. Thinking about reasons and new ways to blog. And, really just thinking about life in general. I’m hoping I can continue to ride this wave. Not only blogging more frequently but also bringing that purposefulness to other areas of my life.


Why Am I Here?

26 Jan

Don’t freak out, I’m not going to be contemplating the ways of the universe today. What I am thinking about, though, is why am I here, on this blog?

Like so many others, I have a lot going on. I work a full time job that involves a good deal of travel, I go to school two nights a week, plus study time. I have friends who I do not spend near enough time with. Not to mention the every day cooking, cleaning, working out, and other tasks that so often fall to the way side.

So why in the world am I spending time I don’t seem to have in front of my computer blogging?

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I don’t really know the real answer here. Maybe I feel like I have something worth sharing. Maybe it’s my friends who I know will keep me on track. There is certainly a sense of accountability, especially for my 101 list, and the blog challenges I have with Kristen and Katie W have helped me in so many ways.

There are a lot of bloggers out there who I admire and enjoy reading. And while I do not always know why I am in this space, I thank you for being here and sharing.

7. Keep a Blog Documentation of the 101 List. – COMPLETE!

19 Jan

This is my second 101 list and my second attempt in using a blog to document my progress. I wasn’t sure when I would mark this goal complete, but after a year of blogging, a new layout, and several tasks complete I figured now was as good a time as any.

I really enjoy blogging and am hoping to develop this blog further in the next year. Thankfully, there are lots of people out in the blogosphere that I can look to for inspiration. Not to mention, I have great inspiration in Katie W and Kristen who are also tracking their 101 progress through their own blogs.

Half Way Through the Challenge

15 Jan

Here we are, half way through January and half way through our blog challenge. When Kristen proposed this blog challenge I was excited because I really did want to start putting more into the blog. But, as with so many other things, I let it fall to wayside. With a little bit of accountability, I’d be much more likely to stick with this.

And so far, so good. Last week I had a bit of a flub, but plan on making up for it this week. And, it wasn’t without  a lesson learned: schedule posts. I found myself without Internet access for a few days but with posts ready to go. So, now I know, put those puppies in and schedule them and all will be well with the blogging world.

Another challenge I’ve come across is visual interest. I have been working on redoing the overall look of the blog but I also know a lot of people originally see posts in some form of a Reader. So each post needs to be visually interesting in its own right. Pictures, videos, fun fonts, anything to spice these things up. But, I’m struggling. This is definitely something I’m going to be working on throughout the rest of this challenge and in the coming months.

There are so many amazing blogs out there. What are you tricks for keeping your blogs fresh and interesting?

Post More: A Challenge for 2012

2 Jan

I can’t believe it’s 2012. A whole new year with lots in store. And I intend on blogging about it. Kristen, has posed a challenge to both me and Katie W. Simply put, to post more. There were so many things I had to share in 2011 and much of it went unsaid here. So, we are being challenged, and I say bring it!

In the next month I intend to post at least three times a week. And, boy, do I have a lot to catch you up on. A year of 101 is behind us and there is much more ahead. I will definitely be turning to not only Kristen and Katie but also you other lovely bloggers out there for inspiration not only in January but the year to come!

So, Happy New Year, everyone!

Do you want to join the posting challenge? It’s not too late to join us!

Better Blogging

13 Mar

One of my favorite online activities is stumbling upon new bloggers. This morning I found Jenny over at the Little Green Notebook. In one of her posts, she gives so tips for growing your blog. This fits right in with one of my 101 goals, to really develop my blog. In my head there are two parts to this goal. I want the blog layout to be organized and aesthetically pleasing. I also want the content to be well-developed, engaging, and regularly scheduled.

So, how am I going to get there? Well, unless my WordPress Dashboard is lying to me, someone is reading this blog. And I hope, whoever you are, that you are still here, and still reading. Because I want to hear your thoughts.

So what you do you like about your own blog? What do you wish you had done differently? What makes you stop reading a blog? What do you love about the blogs you read?