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Weekend Warehouse Sale Finds

6 Feb

On Saturday morning I decided to check out the Old Town Boutique Warehouse Sale. It started at 9:00 a.m. so just before opening I headed over only to find one of the longest lines I’ve seen. I had no idea what to expect but after hearing the stories floating around the line, I knew the wait would be worth it. And, oh was it worth it.

About two hours later I emerged back into the sunshine with some great finds. A lovely pair of shoes, a dress that can be worn to work or out, an every day sweater, and a few little knickknacks, all for astonishingly low prices. But, the best find of the day was this little gem.

This beautiful corner cabinet is one of the first non-IKEA pieces of furniture I have purchased and I am so in love with it. There is just so much character. I debated on what kind of knob to put on it, and am still debating, so there may be a follow up post on this one. But for now the simple glass knob from Lowes will work. The best part? This cabinet is the perfect home for Popeye which once belonged to my grandfather and just never really “fit” anywhere in my home. Now, he has a place to call his own.


Where to Start?

5 Jan

Starting a new year and a new 101 list bring some serious feelings. So exciting, so overwhelming. I have a lot invested in this list and I have some serious support and motivation behind me in the form of some great girl friends. I also have 101 raw tasks set before me. I can’t wait to get started, to become a better friend, a better sister, a better employee, and just a better me.

So the question is, then, where to start? I picked all these tasks, so each carries a certain value and interest to me. Knowing where I am right now, here are a few of the tasks I intend on focusing on first.

7. Keep a blog documentation of this list. I intend on marking this complete when I am completely satisfied with my blogging product. I work with social media every single day, so I have incredibly high expectations for what I should be offering to the blogosphere. On the flip side, I work with social media every day, so at times the last thing I want to do when I get home is work on my blog. This list is important to me and I want to share with the best blog possible.
23. Finish decorating my apartment. A New Year’s Eve trip to IKEA with my mother put me on the path to finally getting my apartment decorated. I have lived in this apartment for over a year, so the time has definitely come and I can’t wait to get everything up and organized.
79. Read a faith/spiritual-based book. This one is a coin toss. For Christmas, my grandmother gave me Fresh Start by Doug Fields. My sister has been reading this and I was interested in what he had to say. I also am hoping to finish Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. C.S. Lewis became one of my favorite authors during a course in college, and reading his thoughts on the subject is incredibly inspiring.
84. Take the GRE. I have changed my mind so many times, and have made drastic alterations to my career path over the past few years. I am now in a job where I love what I do, who I work for, and want to continue to grow and move up. A Masters degree would help me not only do my current job better, but also give me a boost when the time comes to move up in the organization. And so, I have been preparing for the GRE. Grad school, here I come!