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Yup, There’s an App for That

26 Feb

Phase 1: The picture on my cellphone wallpaper didn’t look quite right, the color seemed just slightly off.
Phase 2: The display went upside down and backwards.
Phase 3: The screen went black. Completely.

After multiple trips to my cellphone provider (they shall remain nameless), and a not so pleasant interaction on the FOURTH round, it was time to take a different action. I had been wanting to switch to Verizon for some time and that desire was heightened by the arrival of the iPhone. This latest cellphone debacle (the display was not the first issue I’ve encountered) threw me over the edge, the time had come.

So now, dear readers, I am the owner of a bright and shiny iPhone 4. I cannot express my excitement. As I have mentioned in the past, I work with social media. Like as my job. I teach people how to use the stuff and how to use common sense with it. But, more and more, people want to know how it works on mobile devices. Eek! This was a problem. I had no clue. My phone barely sent text messages, let alone accessed the Web. That is an issue no longer. I am mobile!

I debated quite a while on this subject. While I do tend to be very impulsive about a lot of things, the move to a smartphone was not one of them. For some time I leaned toward a Droid, as I’m a bit proponent of open source development. But, open source has its downfalls, including security issues, and man, my security is not something I mess with. I am certainly no expert on this issue, but I had my reservations. One of the biggest things that pushed me to the iPhone though, was the impending demise of my iPod. While I haven’t had it THAT long, in iPod years, the thing is ancient. Now, if and when mine kicks the bucket, I won’t need to buy a new one. I can carry everything in one little device.

So, yay, for the iPod! I am now adjusting to a touch screen and searching for all sorts of free apps (that’s right, as of now I refuse to pay for an application). There really are apps for EVERYTHING.

And now, I enlist your expertise. Anyone out there use a smartphone? What are some of our favorite apps? I’m looking for some nifty ones to help me with some of my 101 goals: health, fitness, crafting, organization. There certainly is no shortage of apps in that category, it’s quite overwhelming. So what have you downloaded? I want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly!


Why I Love My Google Reader

20 Feb

This is not one of those, “oh I haven’t blogged in so long, I’m so sorry, dear readers,” posts. No. I’m sure you have all found plenty to keep you busy in my absence; not that I’ve been that regular with my posting anyway. Note to self: must take a lesson from Kristen.

It has been a crazy week in terms of work and we finally got a break from the frigid winter weather. So needless to say, there was little time spent on the personal computer. I finally took some time to log in this weekend, and oh-my-goodness-Google-Reader! Over 200 items! What?!?! You mean the world kept on turning even while I was away from my cyberfriends?

It was slightly overwhelming, but oh so fun, to start sifting through the wonderfulness that has been people’s lives this past week. Beautiful pictures, yummy treats, crafty creations, hot outfits, and goals completed. I realized today, how much I love my Google Reader. It brings together the stories of people I know, and those I don’t (though sometimes I feel like I do). Even when I bail on a friend for dinner (total shame onĀ  me), or miss e-mailing because *gasp* I actually had to work, I can still catch up on what they’ve been up to, and that’s kind of awesome.

It’s like TiVo for life. Ok, maybe not so much. But it is nice to be able to look back on the week and get a glimpse of what everyone has been up to. Congrats to everyone in my Reader (some of you know who you are) for your achievements, your beautiful-ness, and for sharing.