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58. Try a new workout – (2 out of 3) Zumba!

28 Mar

A couple weeks ago, I attempted Zumba. From what I can tell there are three requirements for all Zumba rockstars: a ghetto booty, fast feet, and impeccable rhythm. Unfortunately, I have only one of these (hint: it was not quickness or rhythm).

I must say I’m not sure I was thrilled with this class. The instructor never said a word aside from “woot woot” and “ya ya ya,” which I’m assuming is Zumba-speak for something, but I am still not sure exactly what. So what was a bit frustrating. I did eventually get the hang of what was going on, though still looked quite ridiculous I assure you.

It was an amazing workout, but I’m not sure it was my cup of tea. So… what’s next on the exercise train?


58. Try a new workout (1 out of 3). – KempoX

23 Feb

I want to get back in shape, badly. In an effort to be healthier and happier I’ve got some goals about eating better and I also have some fitness goals.

I do enjoy working out. And I also enjoy trying new things. About a year ago I followed a coworker to a kickboxing class and I loved it! I also got into a jogging habit because of a friend. So, I added this goal as a way to bust out of any workout ruts, and also to push myself and try new things.

My friend, Rachel, has been talking about these new workout DVDs, P90X. For those of you who have not heard of this workout plan, it’s pretty much ridiculous. The guy who does the workouts is completely insane. He moves in ways that no human body should move, he sweats gallons, he keeps going and going and going. And he likes it.

I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer and so last week, I went over to Rachel’s and we popped in one of the DVDs. We made it a goal to at least make it to the 30-minute mark. And we did. Then we made it to the 40-minute mark, and the 50 and the 60. Whew! It was hard. But, I was really proud of us for making it and I definitely think it will be something I do again. If you enjoy kickboxing and like doing things for a short amount of time before moving on to the next, then you may want to try this.

As a disclaimer, the next day, I did hurt in places I didn’t know existed. But hey, no pain no gain, right?

Big thanks to Rachel for pushing me to do this!