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Monthly Missions – March

2 Mar

Well, hey there, March. Not sure where February went, but it is definitely time to get serious about the 101 and what better way than with some monthly missions?

10. Make my bed every day for three months. I have to start somewhere right? I’ve been doing a nice little toss over, most  mornings. You know what I mean, right? You don’t actually make the bed, but you kind of throw the comforter over top so it covers all the sheets and pillows. Maybe that’s just me… Anywho, I’m giving this one a go this month.

11. Complete three sewing projects. The fabric has been purchased, now I just need to sit down at the machine and knock out project one of three!

74. Update my happy box. So, it’s been a bit of a rough couple weeks, I’m not gonna lie. Which makes it the perfect time to update the happy box. In addition to updating the contents I think it needs to become a bit more prominent, instead of stashed away on a bottom shelf. Who doesn’t need a little more happy in their life?

So what about you? Any goals for March? I’d love to cheer you on!


Recipes, Recipes, Everywhere!

18 Jan

I have a couple food related goals on this 101 list including meal planning, meal prepping with the girls, taking a cooking class, keeping a food journal, and trying new foods. I have a ton of inspiration for this:

  • Kristen is meal planning.
  • Meghan is renovating all kinds of recipes to make them healthier (along with making awesome cupcakes).
  • The MWC Girls are sharing their creations.
  • SimpliFried just launched and I can’t wait to see what they do.
  • Plus there are all sorts of awesome recipes popping up here, here, and here.

There is no lack of ideas for my food-related endeavors. There are recipes and techniques and ingredient ideas all over the place. Including all over my table.

I have cookbooks, I have a binder, I have loose magazine pages, I have e-mail printouts, I have notecards. Yikes! This “system” does not lend itself to organized meal planning.

So what’s the answer? There are so many awesome ideas and recipes and I want to keep track of them somehow for later use, since I figure trying to do them all at one time may not be such a good plan. How do you keep track of your recipes?