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Juneau, Alaska

12 Oct

My job takes me all over the country, and I’ve been checking each state off as I go. When the opportunity to go to Alaska came up, I was elated. It was going to be one of the longest plane rides I had ever embarked upon, but that was just fine with me.

As we touched down in Juneau there was a slight drizzle and it was even colder than I expected. But, that didn’t stop my boss and me from heading to the Mendenhall Glacier.

On day two, we emerged from a full day of teaching to the sun and 65 degree temperatures. It was AMAZING! So, we did what we do best, and headed out on the town for some shopping and dining. The little shops along the main street were so quaint and the people we met along the way were incredibly nice.

This was such a great opportunity and I hope I can go back some day and spend a little more time traveling the state and seeing all that Alaska has to offer.


San Antonio, Texas

29 May

Last month, my job took me Lackland Air Force Base. I’ve been to Texas several times, but never to that area, so I was pretty excited. I was even more excited that I got to spend a few days in San Antonio. While going out for Tex-Mex with 20 guys was quite interesting (gotta love working in a male-concentrated field), the best was heading out with just two of them in downtown San Antonio one afternoon. We strolled along the river walk and then headed to the top of Tower of the Americas for the happy hour specials. And of course, I got to tour the Alamo!

Did I mention I’ve also discovered the wonders of Instagram? Haha! Happy, travels!

Sacramento, California

18 May

My job takes me all across the country. I’ve driven through Tennessee into the fields of Mississippi, I’ve walked along San Francisco Bay, and I’ve stood on a balcony and peered over into Mexico. Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Sacramento, California for the first time. While many of my trips are very quick and filled with work duties, I do sometimes get the opportunity to do some pretty cool things. This was one of those trips. After a day of presenting, I was invited to a formal dinner at the California Railroad Museum in Old Town Sacramento. And let me just say, it was pretty awesome.

Flying the Friendly (and not so Friendly) Skies

10 Jan

As I have mentioned, I travel for work quite a bit. Most of my trips are short, one or two nights, and often alone. I really enjoy when other bloggers share their travel tips, so here a few tidbits of my own.

•  Layers, layers, layers. This is such a must, I can’t even describe. Not only does it apply if you are traveling from one climate to another, but just in general. Planes are hot. Then they’re cold. And you have zero climate control capabilities. So pack a comfy extra layer that’s easy to pull on and off. Some of my favorites:

Plane Covers


• Don’t forget your meds. I keep a stash of everything. It doesn’t leave my carry-on. I don’t care if you haven’t been sick in decades. Planes are breeding grounds for germs, you’re most likely going to be eating at new places and sometimes new foods, and flying while sick may be one of the worse experiences ever. So pack it. Pain reliever, stomach soothers, cold and sinus medication, and Neosporin and bandaids. Just tap into your inner girl scout and you won’t regret it.
• The dreaded clear plastic bag. It is small people. I will admit that I got away with using a gallon size ziplock for over a year (sorry TSA), until the Memphis airport where an agent stood of my shoulder and tossed various items into the trash can and stuffed the rest into the tiny bag provided by the lovely agent. So what do you stuff into that bag? I wish I could tell you, but this is one of those things that is very personal, but check out sites like 3floz.com and stock up on the things you already use in travel size. You can also make your own by picking up small, refillable plastic containers (found at many stores like Target and Walmart). Also remember, if all else fails, you can take your medicinal liquids out (this includes contact solution), as they are counted separate.
• Bring entertainment. Traveling takes time. Whether it’s plane or train (or automobile if you aren’t the one at the wheel), you’re going to have down time. You can’t prepare for everything (like 7 hours in the Kansas City Airport… just sayin’), but you can give yourself some options. If you are an iPad owner, you have this covered. Other great things: music, books (Kindle anyone?), magazines, work that you’ve been putting off, you name it. Sometimes I even make myself a plane to do list. It’s completely uninterrupted time. However, it can be hours of sheer boredom if you don’t bring anything with you (you can only flip through Sky Mall so many times).

These are just a couple things that help me make travel easier. What are your tricks?

Landing Gear

10 Jun

For the past two months I’ve been racking up frequent flyer miles with trips to Cali, Alabama, Arizona, and Kentucky (and this doesn’t count the trips where I drove). I have lots to report on some 101 goals related to all this travel,  but before I set out to fly the friendly skies again this weekend, I wanted to post something that’s been on my mind (and in my suitcase). And that’s travel wear. At this point, I think I’ve seen it all from pajama pants and slippers to miniskirts and stilettos. I’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t.

Obviously, I’m no fashionista. But, I am working on my performance in the style department. So without further ado, some style ideas for your next trip.

The Red Eye

Red Eye

Isabel Marant cotton tee, 190 EUR
Contrast Foldover Yoga Pant, $30
TOMS sparkly shoes, $54
Puma grommet handbag, $85

The number one consideration here: comfort. Cross-country flights, especially at night, can be no fun. Comfort is key! I am also a big proponent of slip on shoes (TSA and the guy behind you at security will thank you). Another great thing about this outfit: the awesome carry on bag. Big enough to store your headphones, your Kindle, and a snack, but still cute enough to tote around (and slip under the seat in front of you).

The Jet Set

Jet Set

3 1 Phillip Lim merino cardigan, $239
Dorothy Perkins pink tee, 25 GBP
Seven For All Mankind boot cut jeans, 165 GBP
Lacoste shoes, $84
H M leather bag, 25 GBP

For every day traveling, I like to go pretty casual, but yet still nice enough to grab dinner out when I reach my destination. Some things I like about this one: a cardigan you can pull on when the cabin inevitably goes from hot to cold. Layering options are great for flying. I also really love the splash of color in this top as well.

The Business Class

The Business Class

Trollied Dolly square neck dress
J crew cardigan, $40
Red Herring black shoes, 16 GBP
Kate Spade summer handbag, $249

Sometimes I have to go into the office as soon as I touch down, so I need to wear something that works at 10,000 feet just as well as in a meeting with my boss. In these situations I usually go with a dress. Something with an A-line or other non-constricting fit and above all WRINKLE-FREE. I have found favorites from Target and Ann Taylor, all that allow me to emerge  from a plane without rushing to find an iron. I am also a fan of flats even when dressing nicer. I like the pop of color this bag provides as well.

So what do you think? Have you all done any traveling lately? Any rules of sky style that you live by?